Hello from Dili

Hi folks

Welcome to our new blog about living in Dili. After two and a half weeks here, I’m finding it hard to put the experience into words. Hot, tough, ragged, lively, sad – they all sound like clichés. It depends which way you look and none of them seem to do the place justice.

Having said that, Pat and I are both savouring the assault on our senses, and we’re in good health and good spirits. Above is a photo of our new home. Last weekend we moved into a two bedroom apartment next door to our original accommodation (so no excuses for not visiting), still in the same Timorese family compound that includes everyone from babies to grandparents as well as four other VSA volunteers.

There are no street names or numbers but our suburb is called Bidau Mota Klaran, which means ‘the middle of the river’. Hopefully not literally, although when I told the director of the Dili Institute of Technology that’s where I lived, he frowned and mentioned the word ‘flooding’. Continue reading