Life after Timor

Three months after arriving home in New Zealand:

  • We’ve been surprised at how many people continue to read Dili dally: the number of views is around 30,000 and climbing. Thank you, whoever you are. Obrigada barak.
  • We’ve revived  our communications business, 2Write. Our door is open again for writing, editing and design work, oral histories, publications and workshops.
  • Pat’s building on his Timor experience in a part-time role with VSA, working with returned volunteers.
  • Pip talked at TEDx Wellington Women about the importance of both truth and compassion when we tell stories about real people.

Yes, as much as we miss it, there is life after Timor.


7 thoughts on “Life after Timor

  1. Pip, I’ve just stopped in the middle of the morning and come across your TEDx speech. I was quite compelled as I listened and watched you and more than a little teary to see your mother with your grandchild on the screen. Good luck with new endeavours and a belated ‘welcome home’ to you and Pat. Love Mary Gunn

  2. Hi Pip
    Have just read your entire blog and I loved it. I am an Australian woman heading to Timor Leste in a few weeks with a group from our church. We are fundraising for an orphanage and a medical clinic there before we go. I had heard from others who have been there before how they found it, and have read up on what little there is on the internet. But that hadn’t told me what it is really like.I loved the richness of the detail in your writing , and the richness of the experience with having a long time in the country. Thank you for your reflections, and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, thanks for taking the time to write as it happened. Thank you for giving me a deeper understanding of the people, their strengths, their difficulties and their griefs, and what it is like to be a “passer-through”. Good luck with life post-Timor
    Cynthia Marnane

  3. Hi Cynthia, I’m glad you found our blog useful. Have a great time in Timor. I’m sure you will find it as interesting and rewarding as we did. All the best. Pip

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    • Hi Sophie. Thanks for your kind words about our Dili Dally blog. Even more surprising than the number of views while we were living in Timor is the number of views since we left in 2015. They’ve more than doubled to nearly 70,000 even though we haven’t added any new posts. We still don’t really know who’s looking but it shows how much interest there is in Timor and the need for good information. All the best with life on the other side. Pip and Pat.

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